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Training & Education

ahaSurvey can help Training and Education professionals, universities, institutions, managers and business owners with a wide range of survey, assessment and evaluation projects. You can use the ahaSurvey platform to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your internal databases, training system and learning management systems.

Examples of popular projects include:

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations gives students a opportunity to evaluate different aspects of the courses they took, such as the content, the instructor, the classroom, style, syllabus, specific questions about facilities, resources, location, etc., and the student's own performance.

Pre-Test and Post-Test Surveys, Online Registration

In some environments the person taking the test or undergoing certification is unknown. ahaSurvey can be used to gather information about, or to register, the person before or after the test. ahaSurvey’s real time payment processing feature can accept registration payments within the same form too.

Scored Quiz & Exams

When the quiz or exam is given in the style of multiple choices or fill in the blanks, ahaSurvey can be used to run quiz & examination with automatic scoring. This enhance the flexibility of the way quiz & exams are given, as well as saving instructors’ time to grade the papers.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

ahaSurvey can integrate seamlessly with your existing back office systems, student database and Learning Management System. So, you can save survey results with the existing database record.

Students Projects

Use ahaSurvey to conduct your research for your project and thesis. We offer students a special survey and reporting package for projects which meet our guidelines.

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