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  Server Side   Client Side

If you are purchasing and installing ahaSurvey on your own server, please check the following supported system configurations:

  If you are planning to launch and open survey for Internet users, please check the following client side system requirements:

Operating System:

RedHat Linux 7.x or Higher version
Windows NT/2000 Server/Windows Server 2003

Web Server:

Apache 1.3.x or higher
Microsoft Internet Information
Server 5 or 6


MySQL 4.x or higher
MS SQL Server 2000

Other Server Components:

PHP 4.3.x or higher
Zend Optimizer 2.0 or higher

Hardware (Recommended):

Pentium III 750MHz
(Pentium 4 2.4GHz)

512Mb RAM (1Gb RAM)

500Mb Harddisk Space
(10Gb Harddisk Space)

1 LAN port with static IP and
Internet connection

Operating System:

All operating systems with supported browser


Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher
Netscape Navigator 6 or higher
Opera Browser
Safari Browser

1. Flash 5 or high plug-in required if
    Flash Polling is used

Javascript and cookies must be     enabled in the browser

A reliable Internet connection     (56k modem is adequate, although     broadband connection is recomme-     nded)

We strongly recommend that adequate pilot testing should be performed to identify any technical issues due to the large possible configurations of different user systems. Please contact us if you require further assistant regarding this.

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