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Market Reserch

ahaSurvey can help Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Support professionals, managers and business owners with a wide range of survey, research and satisfaction feedback projects. You can use the ahaSurvey platform to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your own customer database, as well as accounting, CRM and e-commerce systems.

Examples of popular projects include:

Market Research, Consumer Research

Conducting web-based surveys is a relatively low-cost method for our clients to monitor market trends and developments on a regular and on-going basis. Surveying your customers can lead to insight into their buying behaviors and purchasing plans.

You can use surveys to evaluate packaging alternatives, brand-name awareness, reactions to your marketing and promotion campaigns. You can survey customer's demographics to find the typical age, income level, geographic location, gender, race, or education level of your targeted groups. Use this information not only to guide your product development, but also to target your marketing and promotions.

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