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Human Resources

ahaSurvey can help Human Resources professionals, senior managements and business owners to capture data and enhance HR, research and performance improvement projects. You can use the ahaSurvey platform to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your internal human resources and employee management systems.

Examples of popular HR projects include:

Employee Feedback

Employees are the foundation of a company. In order to meet the needs of them, company need to get their feedback. Employee feedback often collected through the following options

Job Satisfaction Surveys
 Employee Opinion Surveys
Organizational Climate Surveys
Work Climate Surveys
Pulse Surveys

With feedback we can improve various areas, such as quality, productivity, and customer service. We can find out the rights and wrongs within the company from the employees' views. We can also save money and find ways to increase our bottom line. We might also distinguish the under perform managers and employees who will make great managers.

Performance Evaluations and Appraisals

Performance evaluations and appraisals provide an opportunity for communication between management and employees, with the goal of improving employee morale, performance and growth. Performance appraisals also provide a documented, supportable basis for making personnel decisions.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews can be an effective way to find out the reasons employees leave your company. After departure, employees may feel more comfortable answering questions truthfully about company policies such as recruitment process, management, salary, benefits, work environment, career advancement and other aspects of their experience in the company.

Wages and Benefits, Needs Analysis, Course Evaluations, Employment Applications and Other Uses

Other uses of online surveys and data collection for human resources management and recruitment include:

Internal Equity / External Market Salary and Compensation Surveys
Benefits Surveys
Training Needs Analysis
Training Program and Course Evaluation
Employment Applications
Online Resume Database

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