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Customer Service

ahaSurvey can help Customer Service and Support professionals, managers and business owners with a wide range of survey, research and satisfaction feedback projects. You can use the ahaSurvey platform to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your internal database, CRM and e-commerce systems.

Examples of popular projects include:

Customer Satisfaction

Providing good service takes both understanding the needs and wants of your customers. It's more profitable to sell to an existing customer than to find a new customer. Therefore, the difference between satisfied customers and very satisfied customers can make a big difference in customer repeat business, hence, your profits. Measuring client satisfaction is very important, and distinguishing between degrees of satisfaction is also crucial.

Sales and Customer Support Feedback

ahaSurvey can integrate with your customer sales and support system. Each time a sales or support call is completed, an email invitation can be sent to the customer asking for feedback about the quality of service and support they received.

Product Registration

Online registration forms and survey questionnaires can replace or supplement the paper cards often used to gather information about the purchaser and the product.

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