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ahaSurvey is offered in a wide range of purchase options:

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  Hosted Survey Systems
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* Notes for Hosted Survey Systems:

1. Per Response Cost: This refers to the total number of responses to all of your surveys (irrespective of the number of surveys or completion rates).

2. Months of Hosting: This refers to the time from when access is given to the ahaSurvey system (irrespective of when you send the surveys).

3. Number of Surveys: This refers to the total number of concurrent surveys in your account.

4. It is the entire responsibility of the users of ahaSurvey to fully understand the technical requirements, security issues, no guarantee of uptime when using the ahaSurvey system. The terms and conditions can be downloaded from this page. Please contact us for further information.

5. Penalties for termination of a plan: 2 months service fee plus the balance of any plan must be paid.

6. For an additional cost, the standard packages can be customized with additional months of hosting, response numbers and number of surveys. Contact us to find out more.

7. All prices are in US Dollars and do not include any tax and duties in the country our clients located. All prices are subject to change without notices.

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