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Survey Administrations

ahaSurvey offers survey creators the highest flexibility level when planning and launching a survey. The followings are some of the survey administration features available:

Survey Campaign

You can set all kinds of survey campaign requirements in ahaSurvey, such as campaign start/end date and maximum responses/respondent, etc. With these settings, you can fix the sample size of your research as well as eliminating the hassle of manually turn on/off the survey.

Sign Up Form and Closed Group Survey

There are two survey modes in ahaSurvey: 1) Open Survey - allows anonymous users to take the survey, or; 2) Closed Group Survey - allows only invited respondents to take the survey. For the Closed Group Survey, ahaSurvey provides Email Invitation Manager and Opt-in List Manager with Sign Up Form capability for easy management of opt-in panel respondents.

Survey Security and Permission

If you want to limit survey access to some of the known users, such as your competitors, ahaSurvey has the solutions for you. You can ban users by IP, username, email address, or combination of the three. And you can also set permission of the survey to be able to launched from a fixed URL, such as http://www.domain.com/

User Management

ahaSurvey offers 4 user security levels for flexible handling of user rights. Administrators can configure users accounts and enable their right to create/view/edit/take the surveys.

Survey Customization

Say good bye to canned survey templates! ahaSurvey provides multiple templates and optional branded customization. You can also modify the survey outlook easily by adding header/footer, as well as other formatting styles.

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