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Report Analysis

View Survey Results in Real Time

You can see results for the whole campaign or individual users easily. ahaSurvey also comes with advance filter control so you can quickly analyze results and drill down to the individual response level.

Advance Search and Cross Tabulation

With advance search you can search responses with specific criteria and use the data to compare results. All these are done in just a few mouse clicks.

Graphical Chartings

Graphical charts is a great way to show a graphic representation of your survey results. All charts are rendered on the fly and will print out as well. Available charting includes, bar, normal, column, pie, 3D pie, etc.

Data Export to SQL

Survey results can be output to SQL format. This is useful for further analysis of the data in other research and statistical programs, such as SPSS.

Data Export to Excel/CSV

With ahaSurvey, you can export survey results to Microsoft Excel/CSV format directly from the admin panel. This allows you to use the data to create custom reports or to save it offline for further analysis.

Report Output Print/HTML/RTF

ahaSurvey offers 3 ways to generate survey reports. You can print the report out and include as part of your research report. You can export to HTML to view on-screen or include in your research website. And, you can also output it as RTF and customize in popular word processors, such as Microsoft Word and Star Office, etc.

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