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Question Types
ahaSurvey has all the question types you need for creating surveys of any kind. Below is a list of question types available:
  Styles ( Formatting )


Survey creators can enter any text or richmedia content in this question type with the on-line WYSIWYG editor. Supported contents including text, HTML, images, Flash, Video, Sound, etc.   

   Page Break

Page break can be added to separate long surveys into multiple pages as well as for question and page branching.

Grouping makes the survey formatting more organized with similar or related questions being grouped together.



   Drop Down Menu

Drop down menu is used for accepting answers which include only one option out of a large number of options. E.g. country, industry, job area, etc.

   Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are used for accepting answers which include only one option.

   Check Boxes

Check boxes are used for accepting answers which include more than one option.


Date question type accepts input for start and end dates in filtered drop down menu format.

An unique question type in ahaSurvey, Ranking enables single hand input of option rankings.

   Radio Buttons

Matrix questions allow you to create sets of questions that have the same scale of answers. These are a great way to compact large sets of questions into a small amount of screen space and collect user satisfactory feedbacks.

   Check Boxes
   Text Box
   Drop Down Menu
  Text Box

   One Line
With ahaSurvey's One Line question type, you can collect validated passwords and masked answers such as phone number, ID card number, etc.


   Multiple Lines
This is used when the answer to the question is expected to be long and span several lines on the screen.



Use this to insert a license agreement in text or HTML format. Survey creators can optionally require the license agreement to be accepted in order to submit the form.

   File Upload

Files can be uploaded from within the survey by respondents to an FTP account designated by the survey creator. Files uploaded will be organized by survey ID and respondent ID.

With support of 7 different currencies and 5 different payment services, ahaSurvey's payment question type enable real time on-line payment instantly.

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