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ahaSurvey is a true multi-language online survey and research platform for companies, agencies, researchers and individuals looking to collect data and get analyzed results efficiently and effectively through the Internet, paper form, or portable/mobile devices.

ahaSurvey is a user-friendly web tool to create, manage and analyze surveys, forms, opinion polls, market research, and feedback questionnaires with the abilities to accept real-time on-line payment, file upload, scored results, etc.

This powerful platform has been developed by a team of experts including Internet researchers, statisticians and web developers who are experienced and ready to help get your campaign to the world.

ahaSurvey uses proprietary award-winning technologies, which enable our clients to replace or greatly enhance traditional data collection and analysis methods and dramatically lower the expenses associate with it.

Using enhanced web modules and exclusive form components and question types, creators and respondents can use this tool without any knowledge of programming or special training. Moreover, it works with all popular platforms and browsers without any additional software download or update.

Here are a few of the many exclusive features in ahaSurvey that differentiate it from competing solutions:

Condition Engine
Opt-in List Manager
Survey Campaign Manager
Survey Debugger
Access Control Engine

To see a full list of features, please refer to the Feature Table.

Results collected in ahaSurvey can be viewed on-line or offline in charted report formats. You can use the built-in query module to search data and see cross-tabulated results. Or, you can export row data and SQL data to commonly used statistical analysis packages such as SPSS or spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel. All you need is just a personal computer, Internet access and a web-browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.

ahaSurvey offers you total flexibility and empowers you to get the information you need to make better-informed decisions, faster than your competitors. Join companies like BBDO, Mindshare and Universal Music today and start using ahaSurvey.

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