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Unique Features

Condition Engine

This is the secret behind ahaSurvey's dynamic run-time question branching. With Condition Engine, survey will change at run time dynamically based on respondent's input. See our sample page for a life demo of this advance and exclusive feature.

Multi-Language with Double Byte Language Support

ahaSurvey is the world's true multi-language data intelligence and analysis system with the support of any double-byte languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Clients can easily customize ahaSurvey to their local language with the language builder module.

Real time Payment Processing & FTP File Upload

On-line surveys are not simply for collecting data anymore. It can be used for a wide range of applications, such as sign-up form, order form, technical support form, etc. ahaSurvey has built-in support of real time on-line payment in 7 currencies and 5 payment service providers. FTP file upload control also come in handy for technical support forms.

Output Printed Survey

Survey creators can output printed version of the survey easily from ahaSurvey. With the intelligent filter module, ahaSurvey modify on-line only question type to suitable offline format. The result is a nicely formatted offline survey generated in rich text format, which can be imported by any word processors such as Microsoft Word, Star Open Office, etc.

Scored Questions

Scored Question types make exam and quiz building in ahaSurvey possible. Score values can be assigned to each option with maximum score cap setting per question. With the score table function, you can even show different result page or URL based on the score of the respondent.

Flash Polling

ahaSurvey uses Macromedia Flash technology to build skins for polling to enhance the overall look and feel of the campaign.

COPPA Support

With COPPA support, survey creators can easily make their campaign compliant to the law protecting under age minors.

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