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Features Matrix
General Features : LE Pro Host
  Create electronic surveys with unlimited questions
  Create Flash Pollings with unlimited questions  
  Collect unlimited survey responses
  Full feature and easy-to-use web admin GUI
  Enhanced user interface by award-winning designers
  Dual menu style: icon mode and menu mode
  Deploy Survey through web pages
  Deploy Survey through emails
  Deploy Survey through mobile devices
  Deploy Survey through kiosks
  Automatic script generation for easy implementation
  Automatic iframe code generation for easy implementation
  Preview surveys on-the-fly with built-in debugger  
  Survey summary in survey list menu
  Delete Folder for survey recovery
  Log file for error tracking
Language Supports : LE Pro Host
  Multi-language support including double-byte and unicode
  Multi-language login screen
  Multi-language support for all surveys
  Multi-language support for individual surveys  
  Built-in language file builder for easy localization
  CodeOne plug-in for instant Chinese code conversions  
Style and Customizations : LE Pro Host
  Survey design and customization including color pickers  
  Set formatting for questions, options and text fields  
  Naviagation image button customization  
  Question Options Layout: Vertical/Horizontal/One-line
  Set number of survey display per page in main menu
  Show/Hide question numbers
  Set formatting for questions, options and text fields  
Survey Editing Functions : LE Pro Host
  Custom header and footer for individual survey(supports HTML)
  Automatically generate question numbers
  Re-order questions graphically
  Insert button for adding questions to any where in surveys
  Insert button for adding options to any where in questions
  Edit button for editing questions and options
  Edit button for editing all questions at the same time
  Duplicate survey questions
  Image Library for individual surveys
  Copy survey  
Survey Campaign : LE Pro Host
  Set start/end date/time  
  Setup maximum cap based on responses/respondents/IP  
  Set Open Survey mode with anonymous access
  Set Open Survey mode with email address  
  Set Closed Survey mode with username or email address  
  Invitation and Reminder Sending module  
  Auto archive survey when closed
Basic Survey Options : LE Pro Host
  SMTP support for email notifications and other mail functions  
  Display thank you letter when survey is completed
  Customization of thank you letter with on-line editor  
  URL redirection for all surveys  
  URL redirection for individual surveys  
  Unlimited questions in every survey
  Unlimited pages in every survey
  Unlimited options in every question
  Two-click operation for duplicate and move questions  
  Edit all question in a survey all at once  
  Display progress by page (e.g. Page 3 of 6) to the user
  Display progress by percentage (e.g. 25%) to the user
  Customization of Status Bar: On/Off and Color Setting
  Advance and Simple Mode in Survey Editor
Advance Survey Options : LE Pro Host
  Allow users to edit their responses before submission
  Allow users to edit their responses after submission  
  Allow the user to leave & continue later  
  Randomize option order (for order bias) for entire survey  
  Randomize option order (for order bias) for each question  
  Randomize question order (for order bias)  
  Auto page break for randomized question order  
  Option list importation
  Basic data cleanup
  Advanced data cleanup
  Export Printable Survey
  Allow user to assign score for question options  
  Score table for page/URL redirection based on survey scores  
  Parse survey score to external programs or web pages on-the-fly  
Question Types - Style and Format: LE Pro Host
  Text header
  Auto horizontal line
  Richmedia Content: Image, Flash, Movie, etc.
  Page Break with Page Redirection and Intelligent Page Flow
  Question Grouping with custom label
Question Types - Standard : LE Pro Host
  Dropdown menu
  Radio buttons with conditional jumping  
  Radio buttons with dynamic actions
  Radio buttons with image options
  Checkboxes with selection control
  Checkboxes with image options
  Customizable Date Question type
  Ranking using Image buttons
  Single Line Text Input: Basic
  Single Line Text Input: Validation
  Single Line Text Input: Password mask
  Single Line Text Input: Custom required strings
  Single Line Text Input: Date
  Single Line Text Input: Conditional jumping  
  Multiple Line Text Input
  Option to require answer
Question Types - Special : LE Pro Host
  Matrix Questions with unlimited scales (custom scale label)  
  Matrix Questions with up to 5 question blocks  
  Matrix Questions with radio buttons  
  Matrix Questions with check boxes  
  Matrix Questions with drop menus  
  Matrix Questions with text boxes  
  Matrix Questions with Image Ranking boxes  
  License Agreement with custom text file upload (supports HTML)  
  Question Library for storing commonly used question  
  Real-time or manual payment processing  
  One step payment service setup for Paypal (US)  
  One step payment service setup for ePayLink (HK)  
  One step payment service setup for Paydollar (HK)  
  One step payment service setup for PPS (HK)  
  One step payment service setup for IPS (China)  
  One step payment service setup for other payment services  
  Payment Question with multi-currency support  
  Payment service setting for individual surveys  
  Payment Questions with 'Agree' button  
  Payment Questions with pre-defined amount  
  Payment Questions with quantity Selection  
  Payment Questions with eInvoice function  
  Payment Questions with SSL Support  
  File Upload with FTP  
  File Upload with FTP and auto ZIP  
* FTP and Payment requires additional setup
Conditions & Branching Options : LE Pro Host
  Condition Engine (Variable/List/Range)  
  Condition Report in RTF format  
  Condition Debugger in Preview mode  
  Page branching (jump to page)
  Question conditional branching (jump to question or page)
  Unlimited item/page conditions per page
Condition Operators : LE Pro Host
  Answer is equal to  
  Answer is not equal to  
  Answer is greater than  
  Answer is less than  
  Answer contains)  
  Answer does not contain  
Flash Polling : LE Pro Host
  Radio button question type with image preview  
  Check box question type  
  Script generator for easy implementation  
  Display result instantly  
  Require user to answer all poll questions  
  Single question poll with random question support  
  Randomize option order (for order bias) for entire survey  
  Randomize option order (for order bias) for each question  
  Randomize question order (for order bias)  
  Integration with popTVC and itvServe  
Security & Permission : LE Pro Host
  Built in admin username/password system
  User Library with login system for survey invitation  
  Allow users to respond anonymously
  Allow user to enter survey through any email address  
  Check username and password for survey by invitation  
  Check email and password for survey by invitation  
  Check survey referrer  
  IP Address and Cookie based security  
  PHP session based security
  Browser ID based security  
  COPPA Support  
User Management : LE Pro Host
  Four security level: Admin/Sub-Admin/User/Respondent  
  Ability to change username and passwords
  Limit maximum number of survey for Sub-Admin  
  Set expiration date for Sub-Admin  
  Limit survey editing or viewing rights of User  
  Upgrade/Downgrade User/Sub-admin with single click  
  AGL UserGate Opt-in List Manager for Respondent Management  
  Bulk respondent import  
  Automatic password assignment when importing respondents  
  Sign up form for opt-in list  
  Customization of sign up form  
  Basic and custom user fields for sign up form  
  Send email invitations  
  Send email reminders to un-responded invitees  
  Set limit for maximum response per respondent  
  Users can retrieve their password via email  
Reporting and Data Management : LE Pro Host
  Export to CSV or SQL  
  Custom export filter for special characters  
  Survey Backup and Restore  
  Export data based on search results  
  Auto Cross Tabulation  
  Live statistics summary
  Advanced search capabilities  
  Advance charting: pie, 3D pie, normal, bar, horizontal, etc.
  View charts by question ranges  
  Search based on response to an individual question  
  Search based on date range  
  Ability to delete bogus responses  
  Display Simplified Report using Question Alias  
  Security levels for viewing reports  
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* This feature list is for reference only. WebDNA reserves the right to set features for each edition/version of ahaSurvey.

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