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Easy to create

ahaSurvey requires only basic computer literacy and equipment. Programming, special code, scripts, or languages are not required, just point and click. Create online surveys with an unrestricted number of pages, question groups and questions using the "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editing functions.

Easy to track and manage

Use built in functionality to ensure required questions are answered - eliminates missing data. You can also track progression to see who has filled out the survey and send out reminders to those not.

Use question branching, or the exclusive advance Condition Engine to develop intuitive surveys that determines the subsequent questions a respondent will be asked based on their answers to previous questions.

View real time feedback and analysis reports online in a password protected administration area at anytime anywhere.

Respondents can also start the survey and finish it at another time with password protected user area.

Easy to Use & Implement

With ahaSurvey, there is only a minimal list of requirements with your PC, Mac or network configurations. You have everything you need to use all the features and functions of ahaSurvey's online survey system at your fingertips, simply using your current web browser and a connection to the Internet.

Eliminate the Paper

As paper-based forms and questionnaires are difficult to manage and administer over time. In fact, most of the time left to collect dust after only their first use. Consider the excessive amount of time and money involved in designing, printing, stuffing envelopes, sealing, distributing, receiving, and manually processing endless sheets of data entry. Even optical scanning is tedious, overly expensive and subject to error. Imagine finding a mistake in your final published questionnaires after you've printed and stuffed them all! Computer-based systems solve all of that and more with simplicity, user-friendly interface and sophisticated data automation.

Get More Results

On-line survey is generally believed to be a more effective mean of feedback collections. It is easy for a respondent to take survey on-line than pick up a pencil and submit a filled form by snail mail. Conducting survey on-line can also make incentive programs easy to implement.

Simplified Transaction Process

Using ahaSurvey can simplify your existing transaction processes, save unnecessary paper documents as well as extra workloads. Using ahaSurvey's exclusive real time payment processing features can even save you transaction and billing cost by accepting instant credit card payment on-line with the form.


Relief for Your IT Department

Your web surveys don't have to get added to the already heavy and overloaded schedule of your IT staff. Instead of using a hard-coded survey that takes days to get ready, ahaSurvey gives you a better option with detail reporting & analysis functionalities in just an hour.


Flexible and Customizable

Unlimited question types can be used, ranging from checkboxes, radio buttons and multiple choices, payment, scored questions, matrix, masked text, mixed questions, etc.

You can also brand the surveys to fit your corporate image based on dynamic look and feel templates. ahaSurvey allows users to customize the headers, footers, each question, page formatting, using edit features including a full feature web-based editor.

You can also use the Lucky Draw feature to host online competitions and prize draws for users who complete the survey.

Used for On-line and Off-line

ahaSurvey is not just an on-line survey tool, it can output any survey to printed format. Survey creators can use this to present to clients who do not have access to the Internet or even use it as the printed version of the survey.

A Reliable Team You Can Trust and Depend On

ahaSurvey's team of experts are here for you. We're available when you need us, we have real people you can call and talk to, and get the help you need when you need it. We are also the winner of the 2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry - Technological Award and The 6 th IT Excellence Award - Product Gold Award, adding confidence to our clients about our development skills and abilities.

Reduce Costs

ahaSurvey offers significant cost savings survey solutions compared to both traditional paper and in-house developed systems. Leveraging ahaSurvey's technology and expertise as your full-service solution provider will save you money while improving the effectiveness of your project and business.


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